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Tips Of The Month 2012

Jan 2012- Fussy Eaters
Feb 2012- Hand Sanitizer
Mar 2012- Reduce Those Hairballs
Apr 2012- Is Your Home Puppyproof?
May 2012- Does Your Dog Have Dry Itchy Skin?
June 2012- No Slobber!
July 2012- Dog Days of Summer
August 2012- Fall Puppy Training
Sept 2012- Beware of Foxtail
Oct 2012- Omega-3 Can't Live Without It
Nov 2012- Your Dog's Tire Bed
Dec 2012- Christmas Ideas for Your Pooch and Kitty

Christmas Ideas for Your Pooch and Kitty

Zanies Slide n Seek, this is a treat hunter puzzle for your dog and will encourage your dog to use it’s nose to search for his favorite treat . For your cat we recommend Zanies Laser Beam Mice for your favorite feline up to 160 feet for Hours of playtime and pursuit .

Your Dog's Tire Bed

Here is a good idea for an outdoor dog bed. Virtually indestructible, take a tractor trailer tire (medium to large dogs), put it in your dog's favorite outdoor spot and fill with straw. Be sure to get a tarp to cover to protect from the snow and rain. For smaller dogs use a regular truck tire. This will keep the dogs off the ground in the fall winter months.

Omega-3 Can't Live Without It

Benefits of omega 3 for your pet:
Cancer prevention, prevents and treats arthritis, prevents heart disease, improves cholesterol levels, healthy skin and coat, and, supports emotional health, example separation anxiety, and aging dog mentality.

  • Dosage : (1500-2000mg) 60-70 lbs-1 morning and 1 evening dose
  • � dose morning and evening 30-60 lbs
  • 1/4 dose twice a day under 30 lbs.

For more information Click Here

Beware of Foxtail and How they can Harm Your Pets

To protect your dog on your next hike or walk, you need to be aware of what a foxtail looks like, and keep your pets away from them. When foxtails go to seed, the seed is barbed and can attach itself easily to ears, eyes, nose and toes. They can become imbedded into the skin due to the motion of the animal's body and can cause a number of ailments and discomfort.

For more information, Click here.

Fall Puppy Training

Hunters Only:
Getting revved up for next bird season.....
Early water encounters before the cold weather is a good way to get your dog water trained.

When doing your retrieves on land, do not throw sticks or you will condition your dog to retrieve sticks instead of birds, when it comes time for your first hunt. Make sure you have the right retrieve dummy to train with.

Dog Days of Summer

Signs of Dog Overheating are:

  • 1) Heavy panting
  • 2) Dark red gums
  • 3) Loss of co-ordination
  • 4) Look of confusion

Dark coated get hotter faster than light coats. Light coat can sunburn. Carry water with you, Go into shade or A/C pet friendly stores, (pet stores or cafe's) to cool down your dog when out on your walks.

No Slobber!

One thing we encourage to our clients is to burn your dogs energy before walking, before dog parks, and before visiting a friend whether 4 legged or 2 legged.

To do this, have your dog retrieve several times to exhaust his energy. We want to recommend the "Chuck-It" launcher for all sizes of pooches.

Does Your Dog Have Dry Itchy Skin?

If your dog has dry, itchy skin, and you don't want to add flaxseed oil to his diet....consider putting your dog a salmon based dog food to clear the skin problem.

Is Your Home Puppyproof?

Household hazards include electrical cords, put away household chemicals, cleaning supplies, pesticides and mothballs.

Keep your puppy away from garage chemicals i.e. antifreeze.

Place your garbage out of reach, along with string, sewing needles, paperclips and elastic bands, so puppy can't ingest them.

Houseplants such as ivy and poinsettia should be out of the way from puppies area of play.

Reduce Those Hairballs!

When you're curled up with your favorite kitty, use your mitty. Simple Solution Grooming Glove for Cats. ( ) -

Take advantage of this quality time with your cat to remove excess shedding hair. By not having to groom this out themselves, it will reduce the amount of hairballs your cat may incur.

Hand Sanitizer

Keep your puppy safe: Keep hand sanitizer with you when you are socializing your new puppy, and before strangers handle your dog, have them clean their hands thoroughly. This will help keep unwanted germs and sickness from affecting puppy during socialization time.

Please consult with your vet on the best brand for puppy's safety.

Fussy Eaters

Over the holidays I took care of my daughters dog, who just refused to eat while she was staying with me. I wasn't having any of that so I mixed her dry kibble with one of my wet dog foods I have at home.

Well that fixed that problem! So my advice is if you can match the dry food that you are on with a canned food possibly from the same brand. Example: Pedigree Adult dry kibble mixed with Pedigree Adult canned chicken, that should do the trick and get your pooch eating again.