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Tips Of The Month 2011

Jan 2011- Cat Shedding Tips
Feb 2011- Therapy and Service Dogs
Mar 2011- Changing Your Dogs Diet
Apr 2011- Take Me Out To The Ball Game
May 2011- Cuddling With Your Pet
June 2011- Dog Anxiety From Lightening
July 2011- De-Skunking Recipe
August 2011- Summer Heat, Don't Wanna Eat
December 2011- Macedamia Nuts

Macadamia Nuts

Beware of the Macadamia Nut over the holidays with your canine.

Dogs who may have an appetite for them and have eaten 20grams per kilogram of body weight or greater, can show symptoms of sudden onset of rear limb weakness, and/or depression, vomiting and tremors.

Toxicity may take up to 12 hours to show after ingestion.

If you are suspicious that your dog has ingested Macadamia nuts, seek veterinarian care right away.

Summer Heat, Don't Wanna Eat

If your favorite pooch is refusing his meal,
Try adding a little cool water to it. By adding water we increase digestion so your dog
gets more out of his dry food.
In winter add warm water for a warm meal chow down.

De-skunking recipe

  • 1 liter of 3% hydrogen peroxide
  • ˝ cup baking soda
  • 1 tsp of dish washing soap

Mix ingredients in a large bowl - it will foam up , while it is still foaming wash the dog with it. The coat might become lighter because of the peroxide, but it will not be permanent.

" Note; After several baths there will still be a slight smell of skunk, especially if your pet gets wet in the rain.

June 2011 Tip of the Month

Dog Anxiety From Lightening

The dog feels the static electricity building up in his own coat.
He senses he is going to be shocked, with brings on the anxiety. Use an unscented dryer sheet and rub it on the
back of his coat where he can't lick. This will stop the static in his coat and reduce the anxiety.

Cuddling with your pet

We all have those days that we crave a certain snack.

Instead of reaching for that snack, cuddle up with your pet. This will release serotonin in your body, relax you and reduce anxiety. So replace your snack with a cuddle

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

A good game of fetch with your dog not only
burns your dog’s energy but can help you de-stress. This game puts you in an Alpha position with your dog when played correctly.
(In other words, dog must bring the ball back to you each time. )

After a hearty game of fetch, your dog is much
easier to walk or control at the local dog park. Enjoy a great game of fetch the next time the
weather doesn’t allow a walk with your dog.

Changing Your Dogs Diet

Switching your dog's food must be done gradually. Their gastro-intestional bacteria is adjusted to the food they are currently being fed. So an abrupt change can result in indigestion and diarrhea.

To change dog's food- follow these steps:
1. Add 1/4 of the new food to your dog's diet for one week.
2. Week 2 - Mix half the new food to half the old food for 1 week.
3. On week three you add 3/4 of the new food to the old, and by the 4th week you will have eliminated the old food.

I like to add warm water to the food to increase digestability to the dog food.

Cat Shedding Tips

Have you ever had your cat lay on your chest and get up….and you look at furry as the cat does?

Cut the foot off a pair of pantihose and put it on your hand. Give your cat a thorough petting or before the next cuddle session with your cat Do daily.

Therapy and Service Dogs

I'm always asked on dogs for autistic children or service dogs for individuals with visual or physical disabilities.

Here's a contact list:
Autism Dog Services
The Mira Foundation