June 29, 2007

M. Gladstone
Station One Reg'd Kennels & Cattery
Sussex, NB

To whom it may concern:

In letter of reference for Rhona Smallacombe, who created, and has maintained our website since 1999 for Station One Reg'd Kennels & Cattery.

This is an outstanding individual with only the client and their best interests in mind. She is caring to the public and caters to their needs with patience and kindness. She has stood by us through thick and thin, and on call day and night for anything that was needed.

In April of this year (2007), I tried to express to her an idea I had in mind for a new graphic for our website. Not only did she create and expound on my idea, but she ran with it and began totally revamping our website.

She has given freely of her time, her ideas, and her creativity to develop Station One into a site to truly be proud of. Many a late night she spent posting, writing people and marketing our site.

Station One has a dedicated following of clients who follow her work and wait to see what comes next.

Independent and ready to reach higher goals is the best way to describe this lady, and what she can do for you in a website design.

For further reference on her abilities, please call me at 1-506-433-6601.

Yours truly,

M. Gladstone

Station One Reg'd Kennels & Cattery

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